About me

M Mindforte Tony is an eclectic writer who writes mainly on contemporary issues that challenges social collective conscience and concerns. His bright new perspectives to contemporary discourses can sometimes be seen as wild and very bold.

A blatant Poet, a Novelist, A short story writer, A Playwright, An Essayist and Motivational Writer. His works showcase a variety of inclination towards improving the human condition. Many have rightly described him as a Niger Delta Activist for the environmental rights of the indigenes of the oil-rich region of Nigeria.

He first starting serious writing with the release of his dual anthology of his poetry volume – Cry Niger Delta … Cry Rape.

A tell-tale collection of poems about the travail of the local of the oil-rich Niger Delta of Nigeria. The collection was a firebrand with widespread acclaim, but with minimal commercial success. He has since gone forward to publish mostly e-books with titles ranging from Feeding the Dream, 2012. The Asset of Trust, 2017. Fifteen Doors of the Mind and Pray for the Peace, both 2020. His collection of short stories – Ghost Soldiers of the Niger Delta is already at final publishing stages. He has also written two completed epic plays, Uwubamhen and A Day to Dine with death.

With several short stories and plays being developed already, Mindforte Tony is gradually becoming a force to reckon with in the literary sphere of Africa and the world at large.


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